Daltile Sector Cinder Matrix SCTR_SC22_12X24_RM


Cinder Matrix

  • 15
  • Colors Available
Daltile Sector Slate Matrix SCTR_SC24_12X24_RM
Slate Matrix
Daltile Sector Limestone Matrix SCTR_SC21_12X24_RM
Limestone Matrix
Daltile Sector Cinder Matrix SCTR_SC22_12X24_RM
Cinder Matrix
Daltile Sector Iron Matrix SCTR_SC23_12X24_RM
Iron Matrix
Daltile Sector Cinder Faction SCTR_SC17_12X24_RM
Cinder Faction
Daltile Sector Iron Faction SCTR_SC18_12X24_RM
Iron Faction
Daltile Sector Slate Faction SCTR_SC19_12X24_RM
Slate Faction
Daltile Sector Element Matrix SCTR_SC20_12X24_RM
Element Matrix
Daltile Sector Iron Aerial SCTR_SC13_12X24_RM
Iron Aerial
Daltile Sector Slate Aerial SCTR_SC14_12X24_RM
Slate Aerial
Daltile Sector Element Faction SCTR_SC15_12X24_RM
Element Faction
Daltile Sector Limestone Faction SCTR_SC16_12X24_RM
Limestone Faction
Daltile Sector Element Aerial SCTR_SC10_12X24_RM
Element Aerial
Daltile Sector Limestone Aerial SCTR_SC11_12X24_RM
Limestone Aerial
Daltile Sector Cinder Aerial SCTR_SC12_12X24_RM
Cinder Aerial

Product Attributes

ColorCinder Matrix
ApplicationResidential and commercial
DescriptionRhythmic design and cool concrete tones are the foundations of Sector™. Add distinctive visual and textural interest to your space with this unique system featuring three structures mixed to create high, medium or low pattern effects.